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Purcell The Fairy Queen directed by Mauricio Garcia Lozano

De Doelen Rotterdam * Queen Elizabeth Hall London * The Sage Gateshead * Cité de la Musique Paris * Chalons-en-Champagne * Town Hall Birmingham * The Bridgewater Hall Manchester * Palau de la Musica Barcelona * Philharmonie Luxembourg * Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana * Palau de la Musica Valencia * Hagia Irene Istanbul International Music Festival *


Mauricio García Lozano
Karla Shacklock movement
Isobel Dunhill design/costumes
Ace McCarron lighting designer

Joanne Lunn soprano
Ed Lyon, Robert Sellier tenors
Michael George bass-baritone

Dana Marbach, Faye Newton, Penelope Appleyard sopranos
Christopher Robson, Tim Travers-Brown counter-tenors
Joseph Cornwell tenor
Simon Grant bass-baritone

Olivia Quayle, Jan Patzke, Boldo Janchivdorj,
Jose Triguero Delgado, Zoe Jones
circus artists

Reviews from the tour [excerpts]

Taking advantage of the fact that Purcell’s Fairy Queen is a free adaptation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, [the New London Consort] and Mexican stage director Mauricio García Lozano have adapted, abridged and re-arranged Purcell’s material to create a beautiful, eye-catching spectacle of minimal stage requirements, subtly reminding us of Shakespeare’s original emotional core. In this new and free version, five circus artists and nine singers set out - by way of a trip to the mythical Arcadia - on a personal journey to freedom, love, peace and realisation. Appealing and interesting, it worked as a device, effectively linking Purcell’s beautiful pieces. A resounding success. El Pais

At its best, it has something of the muted optimism of late Shakespeare. It's done with breathtaking sincerity, while the music carries you away, as it always does [...] The whole thing sounds fantastic. The Guardian

[The New London Consort] has teamed up with five acrobats and jugglers to present a staging which, while retaining Purcell's airs and instrumental pieces, dispenses entirely with the original plot. Mauricio Garcia Lozano's direction turns out to be touching and engaging. The circus performers add a magical dimension to this scenario that brings it closer to the fantastic hybrid quality of a Restoration masque. The instrumentalists play with wit and style, and there are some lively characterisations from the singers. The Times

Circus performers, from acrobats to jugglers and even an astonishing balancer of cube-frames on his forehead cropped up in Purcell’s semi-opera The Fairy Queen. This is a transposition into modern times of the kind of presentation Purcell’s piece would have received at its 1692 premiere. Characters are updated, the action is transformed into an Arcadian sojourn, but Purcell’s generous flow of gorgeous music maintains the link. The New London Consort, cosily tucked up in a corner of the Town Hall Stage, delivered the score brightly and lovingly, and [its] soloists sang with immense style, technical brilliance and emotional communication. This co-production with de Doelen Rotterdam in collaboration with Circus Space, is sympathetically directed by Mauricio Garcia Lozano. I hope a DVD will be made of this. Birmingham Post

It begins with a group of travellers, seemingly lost in a waiting room, then transported - thanks to the power of imagination and of will - into an Arcadian fantasy where passions and instincts are soon set free - hearts open, and real personalities reveal themselves. Performed by a cast of singers and circus artists, the various characters in turn discover each other as well as themselves, going through their own and their collective journeys of initiation and revelation. The fluidity of the gestures, the poetry of the juggling, the subtle integration of singers and circus artists, and even the presence of everyday yet slightly off-the-wall costumes - all contribute to make an absolutely beautiful show, a real visual treat from beginning to end; and musically one can only applaud [the New London Consort] for its authenticity and attention to detail, which truly do justice to Purcell's sublime music. A superb team effort that made a magnificent climax to the Luxembourg Festival. Resmusica [Luxembourg]

Co-produced by de Doelen Rotterdam, the New London Consort and Globe-Trotter in collaboration with the Mexican Embassy in London, The Anglo Mexican Foundation and Circus Space London

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